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Voluntary accreditation may provide for consumer protection. Accreditation measures competence, impartiality, organizational management, internal processes, safe practices and services' outcome. Organizations that have achieved accreditation usually are most serious about the services they provide. A list of Accreditation providers & authoritatively Legal Entities operating ISO/IEC 17011 accreditation - recognition in addressing regulations and laws.
We attempt to maintain these lists up-to-date, but the continual number of accreditation - recognition - certification change. The list below list is not an endorsement, only providing a list of accreditation & recognition providers:

International Accreditation partnership system, fee based  International Accreditation Forum, providers of accreditation membership business activities, USA

International Accreditation Board, fee based   European based, also www.i-a-b-ch,  providing accreditation services
ASCBe, European Accreditation, fee based  International, European based accreditation services in UK

EOQ, Accreditation  European Oorganization for Quality, Membership for Recognition business                   

European Accreditation, fee based  Europe Accreditation Co-operation, accreditation membership within the EC

A2LA Accreditation, fee based   A2LA is for accreditation of laboratories, entities and other accreditations activities, USA

AClass subsidiary of ANAB, fee based  AClass for Laboratories and Specialized Sectors, accreditation services part of ANAB business activities

  GlobalNet Oversight Board, donation basedA Plubic Charity | Foundation with global jurisdiction for consumer protection authoritative accreditation USA; ISO/IEC 17021, 17020, 17024, 17025, 15189 and others
International accreditation NZ, fee based  International Accreditation service business from New Zealand

IAOB Automotive Recognition, fee based  Automotive and Auto Parts Recognition Board
IQNET accreditation membership, fee based  General, International Quality
Network membership activities

International Bureau of Surveyors, Adjusters and Certification Companies (IBSACC).

ASQ, American Society for Quality, fee based membership  Telecommunication, recognizes under accreditation, a division of the ASQ activities
IAA, feee based  International Accreditation Agency; accreditation activities
AIAO - BAR, fee based  American International Accreditation Organization, Bureau of Accredited Registrars; Mail-in Accreditation programs
 Clean Energy Australia, fee based Australian Clean Energy Accreditation and Certification business-activities

 IAQG for Avionics-Sea-Land, fee based Aviation - Aerospace, as reference for recognition of conformity  and certification bodies, visit the Society of Automotive Engineers
Society of Automotive Engineers carries the business for Aerospace, fee based IFOAM, fee based

International Organic Accreditation, fee based International Organic Accreditation Services and Activities
WFAC Europe, fee based European Federation of Associations of Certification Bodies program business-activities

http://www.bulltek.com/Registrar_Assistance/PC_Certifications1.png  Certification of Persons Program and associate activities
http://www.bulltek.com/Registrar_Assistance/aacb.jpg  Association of Accredited  Certification Bodies business-activities

IPC, certification guild International Personnel Certification (former IATCA) for  training activities
IAS accreditation, fee based USA  Accreditation Services, accreditation business-activities

Global Accreditation, fee based Global Accreditation Organization, GA accreditation business-activities

African Continent accreditation, fe based Regional, Africa based accreditation membership for accreditation business-activities

Health fee based accreditation Accreditation dedicated within the Clinical Health Care and Laboratory fields
LEED, fee based Council for Accreditation of Professionals and Certification of Projects, Green Building Initiatives. An accreditation busienss-activities provider

ASI, fee based Accreditation Services International GmbH - accreditation business-activities

ACI, fee based Accredited Certification International, accreditation business-activities

PJLABS Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation - ISO/IEC 17025; general laboratories accreditation business-activities

International Accreditation Registry, fee based International Accreditation Registry, providers of accreditation business services

IRCA logo  IRCA  International Personnel Certification Association is whithin IPC, now IRCA business activities

Albania Albania
OAA  Argentina
Australia and New Zealand  Australia
New Zealand, accreditation services
Austria  Austria
Belgium  Belgium
Normas, Brasil  Brazil
Canada, accreditation Canada

http://www.bulltek.com/Registrar_Assistance/colombia_sic.gif Colombia
Instituto Chileno de Normas Chile

China, accreditation  People's Republic of China

http://www.bulltek.com/Registrar_Assistance/czech_accreditation.gif  Chec Republic

Egypt, accreditation   Egypt

http://www.bulltek.com/Registrar_Assistance/finland_accreditation.gif   Finland

http://www.bulltek.com/Registrar_Assistance/cofrac.gif  France
DIN, German Standards  Germany

http://www.bulltek.com/Registrar_Assistance/india_accreditation.jpg  Bolivia
http://www.bulltek.com/Registrar_Assistance/hungary_button.jpg  Hungary

http://www.bulltek.com/Registrar_Assistance/iran_accreditation.jpg  India

http://www.bulltek.com/Registrar_Assistance/indonesia_accredit.jpg  Indonesia

NACI  Iran

INAB  Ireland
Italy, ACCREDIA acquired SINCERT  Italy
Japan Accreditation Board  Japan - JAB
KAB   Korea, South
http://www.bulltek.com/Registrar_Assistance/luxemburg_accredit.gif  Luxembourg
http://www.bulltek.com/Registrar_Assistance/mauritius_accredit.jpg Mauritius

http://www.bulltek.com/Registrar_Assistance/dsm_logo.jpg  Malaysia
Mexico Accreditation  México
Dutch Accreditation   Netherlands

http://www.bulltek.com/Registrar_Assistance/norway_accreditation.gif  Norway
http://www.bulltek.com/Registrar_Assistance/pakistan_accredit.gif  Pakistan
http://www.bulltek.com/Registrar_Assistance/philippines_ab.gif  Philippines

http://www.bulltek.com/Registrar_Assistance/poland_accreditation_logo.jpeg  Poland
http://www.bulltek.com/Registrar_Assistance/portugal_accredit.gif   Portugal
 http://www.bulltek.com/Registrar_Assistance/romania_accreditation.gif Romania
Russian Standards Institute, GOSST Russia
Singapore Standards Singapore
 http://www.bulltek.com/Registrar_Assistance/slovakia_accreditation.jpeg Slovakia
 http://www.bulltek.com/Registrar_Assistance/slovenia_accreditation_logo.jpeg Slovenia
 http://www.bulltek.com/Registrar_Assistance/south_africa_accredit.gif South Africa
 ENAC  Spain
 Swis Norms  Switzerland
Thailand Standards  Thailand
http://www.bulltek.com/Registrar_Assistance/taiwan_accredit.gif Taiwan
http://www.bulltek.com/Registrar_Assistance/tunisia_accredit.jpg Tunisia; TUNAC@PLANET.TN

http://www.bulltek.com/Registrar_Assistance/turkak.jpg Türkiye

UKAS United Kingdom

http://www.bulltek.com/Registrar_Assistance/UAE_DAC-Logo.gif United Arab Emirates

http://www.bulltek.com/Registrar_Assistance/ansi.gif United States of America, accreditation services
ANAB accreditation USA United States of America, accreditation services
Normas Uruguay Uruguay

The listing above, accreditation services per country, is is updated as the information arrives from reliable and trustworthy sources.
Among others, the listing that follows also  relates to training and providers of demonstration for the competence of professionals:

Certification of courses, UK - fee based programs Recognition of training and certification of persons schemes based ISO/IEC 17024 -
United Kingdom Former 
IPC / also read IATCA above
IACET, fee based programs The International Association  for Continuing Education and Training activities
RABQSA Australia, fee based  Recognition of training and certification of persons scheme,
Australia-USA business activities

Food Safety International, fee basedRecognized training for professionals, food sector speciality business activities
Environmental matters UK, fee based  Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment for the activities of certification of persons
Environmental assessment and professional credentials, USA  "Environmental Assessment Association" Recognition and Certification of Environmental Professionals

Organismo de Diseño y Desarrollo de Programas  Design and development of approved training venues
 nized entities to conduct

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